Tongli – Part 2 of 2

This is the second and last post from our visit to Tongli’s water town which is not too far away from Suzhou. Hope you enjoy the pictures and remember to stay tuned to my next posting … It will cover our recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand. What an exotic land of wonders; do not miss it, but will have to make at least three posts to briefly cover Bangkok.

Hot and humid day, this gentlemen's home is right next to the canal. He seems to be wondering who are all these people bustling back and forth? Just hanging and seeing the world go by this seemingly peaceful spot.

Found this to be a clever sign. Judging by how some locals ignored it I wonder what was lost in the translation.

Walking around looking for photo ops and ... Wham...I see this! How can you not take this picture? I did it as fast as possible to ensure the barber did not see me taking it. No such luck, right after I pressed the shutter he saw me and was not happy I took the picture. How do I know? I heard him say a few words in Mandarin combined with some body language that did not sound or look very warm to me. Usually this type of reaction is the exception, so I just left quickly trying to giving him the impression that I did not see him looking back at me. I like this picture because I think it has a Norman Rockwell kind of look.

A sample of a Ming dynasty style bedroom. Mosquito nets seem to be a must in the warm and humid summer months.

This kind of detail in the simplest of places is definitely something you just do not see today.

A loom from a temple main entrance. Those red tags hanging down I believe are prayer offerings or wishes parishioners hang asking for health, wealth or luck among other things.

Similarly to the first picture, this lady was just getting some fresh air during the hot day.

At the end of one of the canals we saw this rudimentary, but functional gym. Simple, but very cool for sure.

So far the narrowest street we have seen in China. This was almost 2 feet across. A bit claustrophobic for some I imagine.

We end our Tongli tour with a look at one of the hobbit style doors the Chinese seem to favor in centuries past. I think they look great and this one was very functional.We saw a couple of people using it.

That is it for Tongli!
Remember to visit next week for a look at Bangkok.
Take care and thanks for visiting.

AlisonSeptember 30, 2011 - 9:08 PM

Just catching up on your amazing blog. All of the photos are wonderful but my favorite is the one you got of the barber. What a great shot!

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