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Making room in your hard drive for new stuff can always be a challenge. I remember when having a 500 MB hard drive was considered amazing (yes, 500 Megabytes or 500,000 bytes or half a gigabyte). In those days a megabyte of storage used to go for $1 and we thought it was a bargain – that means that a 500MB HD would cost $500!!! . Now a terabyte (1 million megabytes) is considered a normal size if you are into photography or movies. Today it is very common to have ten times the size on the biggest hard drive from 5 years ago in a memory stick smaller than a pair of nail clippers. So what does this have to do with this posting? Nothing at all outside of that I need more HD space.

As I clean my picture files I saw some pictures of interesting signs we have come across during the last couple of years — I thought I had more; we certainly have seen more than these — and a couple of other images… here we go.

It has been our experience that somethings get lost in translation. While you can get the meaning of what the author is trying to say, some are just humorous. In this case, they seem to be encouraging tourists to behave while on the premises. Must say that in my experience, Chinese tend to do the exact opposite of what the sign says. While this behavior can also be seen in the US and other countries; in China it is taken to a level I have never seen before.


We saw this sign while we were touring the Great Wall of China. I think there is solid wisdom behind it.


Let’s go and have dinner at Stupid Ox! Can you hear yourself saying this to your date or friends? Must have a complete different meaning in Chinese.


This one is not funny, but we were surprised to see such offering. Goes to prove that we live in a new world. Anything you may like seems to be available; if you like to pay for it. As you can see they are fresh. The price is 380 Yuan each or $62…ouch! Good thing lobsters are not something we like much at all.


Some signs attempt to make you feel real guilty. Hey, I do admire their creativity.


A very popular type of massage in Thailand; making its way into China. My wife had it and liked it. She said it felt real weird, but your legs felt silky smooth – a la Zohan.


Last week, while outside the bakery I saw this Segway like gizmo zoom by me. A lot smaller and probably less sophisticated, but seemed to do the job – keeping perfect balance and all. Leave it to the Chinese to copy just about anything.


Here we see a master calligrapher writing some tourists name in a scroll for a handsome fee. I am truly amazed as to the number of character there are (they number in the tens of thousands) and the speed that most write them down.
I’ve been told that most people know a few thousand and many of them are slight variations of others. I gave up learning to speak Chinese a while ago. I can only imagine writing being even more difficult.


With the popularity of cell phones, in the US public phone booths are just about completely gone. While just about everyone you see in China has a cell phone, you still see a few public phone booths around. This one caught my eye in Beijing. Looks futuristic to me – must be because I am getting old.


I did noticed however, that most of the public phones in China work with prepaid cards and not coins (see the card slot below the phone handle). hmmm…good idea.


Yes, another bride having their picture taken. Really like their umbrellas as they soften the light falling on them. This one is a pretty lady having her picture taken in Ping Jiang Lu – historic district in Suzhou.


Saying good-bye for now with a view from inside the subway in Beijing. Long, long cars with plenty of people everywhere. Can you see where it ends?

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