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Incredible India – Jaipur – The Pink City

Jaipur – The Pink City- after our long, long trek from Delhi and a good night rest we were ready to tour the Pink City, so-called because before the visit of Prince Albert of England (the consort of Queen Victoria) current city ruler Sawai Ram Singh ordered the city to be painted in pink since that […]

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Incredible India – Delhi

India has always seemed a fascinating country to visit. I remember seeing pictures of it in National Geographic magazines when I was a boy and thought it was so mysteriously beautiful and so different from I was used to in my native country of Peru. As our China assignment comes to an end I was […]

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Fengmen Road Local Market

The options for purchasing groceries in Suzhou are many. From the expat oriented Metro, Carfour, Summit, Euromart and others to the many local options. In the local options you tend to see few if any other expats. A while back, my friend Ali introduced me to Fengmen Road local market and I found it a great […]

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