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Ah, Family

Having family you have not seen for a long time is always a treat for us. Having my cousin and his wife come from Peru, my sister from Germany and our two daughters from the US at the same time was just fantastic. When we were all together we just hung around Suzhou and did […]

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Suzhou is known for the many water towns and gardens . Many say that once you see one water town you have seen them all. While it is true that they all share basic architectural layout, shopping and overall feel; each one has a unique feature that sets them apart from all others. Qiandeng Ancient […]

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North City – Beijing

Before there was Beijing (Bei = North, Jing = Capital), the city was known as Peking, before then…way too long a history for this post. For example, earliest human remains date back to 250,000 years ago. The first walled city in Beijing was Ji, the capital of the State of Ji from the 11th to 7th […]

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