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Kodo Drumming Group

Each night on the cruise we had one main entertainment attraction. One of our most favorites was the Kodo Japanese drumming group that joined the ship while we were docked in Osaka. Initially we had no idea what this team would do so we had little expectations. After dinner we sat very close to the front row and waited for […]

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Our Third Cruise

My wife and I went our first cruise on our honeymoon 25 years ago (Carnival Cruise line). We really loved it and said then we would do it again real soon. You know how those things go; soon was not until 2010. When we heard we were going to China for a couple of years, […]

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Last Day in Bangkok

Our last day in Bangkok came all too soon. Many said that we would not need 6 days in Bangkok, but we disagree. We did not see everything we wanted to see, but we did see a lot. We plan to visit Thailand again and stop in Bangkok in our way to the northern areas. We found Bangkok to […]

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Miscellaneous from Bangkok

Staying 6 days in Bangkok allows you to really explore this vibrant city. We took well over 1,00 pictures so having only a couple of posts on this visit that will give you a flavor of what we saw is just not possible. The pictures below are miscellaneous pictures we took around various places in […]

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