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Khlongs – Bangkok

Khlobgs is the name given to the Bangkok canal system. So this is not the first city I heard that has been named the Venice of the East; Suzhou is also called that. Having seen both, the canal network in Bangkok is significantly larger and more complex that Suzhou’s. Actually, it dwarfs Venice itself (we visited Venice […]

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Grand Palace – Bangkok, Thailand

This was our first trip outside of China since we started our South East Asia adventure 7 months ago. We decided to make Bangkok our first non-China stop. The main reason was that Bangkok is considered one of the most amazing cities in the region for its history, friendly people, fantastic history, temples and food. […]

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Tongli – Part 2 of 2

This is the second and last post from our visit to Tongli’s water town which is not too far away from Suzhou. Hope you enjoy the pictures and remember to stay tuned to my next posting … It will cover our recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand. What an exotic land of wonders; do not miss it, […]

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