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Wuzhen Water Town

Took a couple of days off to relax a bit. I know that the US is going through a very hot spell, but we are also in the hot portion of the year. From now till the end of August the heat index will hover between 100 to 125 F. The humidity is what really […]

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After the Bicycle in China

History tell us that there was a time not long ago when bicycles were the transportation mode of choice by the masses in mainland China. Cars were primarily used by government officials and the very rich (mostly foreigners). Things have indeed changed over the last 15 or so year. While you still see many bicycles, the predominant two-wheeler […]

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It was Surprising

A couple of weeks have gone by since my last post. Two weeks ago we went to the US (I on a business trip, my wife just to visit with friends). We did find one day to visit friends together so that was really good. Catching up with good friends you have not seen in […]

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