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Farewell for now Suzhou; I’ll be back!

It has been exactly 41 days since we left Suzhou, China. One of the reasons that I have not made a post since then is because I knew it would be my last from our China adventure. After two years one gets used to many things that were initially very strange to us. An example […]

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Last Day in Suzhou

Hours, days and months went by fast. Two years and one month, has gone by since my first posting on this blog. That means our China assignment has ended and we are back in the US. But I still have a couple of blog posts I need to make before I can say farewell Suzhou. I learned very […]

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Fengmen Road Local Market

The options for purchasing groceries in Suzhou are many. From the expat oriented Metro, Carfour, Summit, Euromart and others to the many local options. In the local options you tend to see few if any other expats. A while back, my friend Ali introduced me to Fengmen Road local market and I found it a great […]

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Is that Fog?

Like any other place in the world, China has great things and some not so great things. Amongst the most troublesome of all the “not so nice things” is the incredible pollution you see most of the time. Yes, we do have some clear days in Suzhou where you can see blue skies and some […]

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